Our very own John Beaudry has just been featured in the news and the focal point was his very own Garden Sanctuary! We were very excited when we got the call saying that they had heard great things about John; from creating garden sanctuaries for others, to writing his own how-to book for those who want to build their very own nature space. After that the ball just kept on rolling. Their news crew came by and were able to really take in what John is all about, his life long dream of connecting people to nature in their own backyards. And now thanks to John, his dream, and the great team we have here at John Beaudry Landscape Design, we are able to do so. While also taking in our customers wants and needs, and what they envision in their ...

Easy Steps to a More Water-Smart Garden

In this beautiful city of San Diego, we like to maintain our garden's with as little amount of water possible. Maybe you've been thinking about using less water in your garden but don't know where to start nor look. Here a few easy steps that can help! Check your water pressure. If your water pressure is too high, it is very likely you’re using more water than necessary. Inspect your irrigation. Check, adjust, or replace any sprinkler heads that are damaged or leaking. Hydrozone properly. Water your trees less frequently but for longer periods than shrubs and perennials. Water at Sunrise or Sunset. Soil absorbs the most water during lower temps. Replenish your mulch. Maintaining a 3-layer of mulch can protect your soil from direct ...

Institutional Turf Replacement Program


Want to create a beautiful garden that is also water efficient? The Institutional Turf Replacement Program might be for you! The Institutional Turf Replacement Program is a multi-agency collaboration between the Department of Water Resources, the California Conservation Corps, the Habitat Corridor Project, and the Local Government Commission.

Their goal is to "replace more than 165,000 square feet of turf with California native and water-efficient landscaping, provide long-term water savings and education, and benefit the public."

All you need for this amazing program is the design. Which we can provide! This program will fund your project for up to $20,000 to qualifying applicants. Download the application now! Once you're done apply...

Watershed Approach Landscapes in 3 Easy Steps

Most conventional landscapes allow water to run off their garden and most often this approach wastes water. With this watershed wise approach to landscaping, your design would be able to retain rainwater and also minimize the need for supplemental irrigation. These amazing gardens require less water but do not look dry at all. In fact, they are, "attractive, lush, and evergreen." Designers say to achieve this there are three easy steps.

Step one is to use healthy living soil because it captures rainwater. "Healthy living soil is made by adding compost to you soil, covering you garden with mulch, and by avoiding soil disturbance as much as possible.

Step two is to chose climate appropriate plants that will reduce the need for irrigation. ...

Landscape Transformation Program

If you ever wanted or needed an incentive to make your garden less water-consuming, then you've found one. The Metropolitan Water District is offering a new program, called Landscape Transformation Program -- It promotes water use reduction and sustainability! As a result of the success of other programs, "the new Landscape Transformation Program aims to combine turf removal, irrigation modification and rainwater retention or filtration to support reuse or soil absorption of rainwater." Also, depending on the type of methods used in the landscape transformation project there is a chance of elgibility for a rebate.

For more information on this exciting new program, eligibity for rebates and other guidelines visit!


Watershed-Approach Landscapes

Imagine a gorgeous garden: one that requires less water, but doesn’t look dry. It is attractive, lush, and evergreen—because the designer followed the principles of the watershed approach to landscaping.

The Watershed Approach was created by the Association of Professional Landscapers (APLD) and offers an innovate water-wise solution to landscaping.


For more information on this approach, check out the APLD's free handbook that walks you through how to utilize this method yourself.

We are active members of the APLD and proud to support John Beaudry as he receives two different awards!

For any questions or concerns, give us a call!

Garden Sanctuary: Designing for Comfort, Wholeness and Connection

Hello San Diego Community,

I am honored to announce my new book launching soon. I wanted to introduce it to my community personally.

The title of my book is Garden Sanctuary: Designing for Comfort, Wholeness and Connection. It is a how-to garden design book that takes the reader on a transformative journey around creating their own personal connection to nature.

From the introduction: "This book presents a comprehensive explanation of the garden design process. It distills the process into a series of concrete steps. Unlike many garden design books that feature pretty pictures and flowery text, Garden Sanctuary presents a comprehensive explanation of the design process, along with hands-on tools that anyone—from the average homeo...

Community Green

Dear valued member of our community,

I have a vision. My vision is that everyone is connected to nature and to each other. My commitment is that by the year 2025, every major city in the USA will have an ordinance requiring green roofs on new construction and programs to incentivize them as well.
Of the fifteen benefits of green roofs, Storm water Management alone can be enough to offset costs to allow incentives for green roofs.
Community Green will serve as a toolbox for cities offering strategies for interfacing green roofing systems with storm water management systems.
I am writing to give you an update on progress.
Community Green recently filed for non-profit status for the organization.
Personally, I am registered in the Being a Leader course with Werner Erhard beginning next week in LA. In this 8 day course, we take on a project, or a portion of a larger project. Here is a link to the course:
My project for the course is to acquire ten partners in my organization. I am looking for sponsorship from manufacturers of green roofing systems, board members for the organization, and individuals who are lit up by my vision.
I remain open to your suggestions, inspiration, or a quick hello. I will keep you updated and may make more specific requests of you in the future.
Keeping it green,
John Beaudry
John Beaudry
Garden Artist, Landscape Contractor, Author
Connect with me!
PS If you or someone you know someone who may want to contribute, please don't hesitate to reach out as we create a greener Earth together.

Turf Replacement Incentive

Residents in San Diego County now can receive $2.75 per square foot for replacing turf with sustainable landscaping features as part of a new Landscape Transformation Program launched today across Southern California.

John Beaudry and his team have proven experience in replacing turf with beautiful and sustainable landscaping. Check out our gallery for examples of our work!

The Landscape Transformation program is a two-part application process. In order to receive a rebate, you must apply to reserve rebate funds prior to starting your project. After the reservation, you will have 180 days to complete the project and submit your request for a rebate.

Get details at