Writing Prompt: What’s happening in this photo?


It was six fifteen in the morning. She had woken before the sound of her alarm. She had been waiting for this day and couldn’t believe it was finally here. It had rained through the night but now it had stopped. Cracking the window, she smelled the morning air. Most people would think she should be nervous but she was ready. In a way, she had been waiting for this day her whole life.

In the shower, as she shaved her legs, she admired her smooth skin, the gentle curves of her calves. They were a woman’s legs. Stepping out of the shower, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were beautifully shaped. She turned to the side. They had a nice lift. She combed her hair, and then gave it a bit more curl with her curling iron.

Georgy loved being a woman. As she brushed on her eye shadow she gently batted her long eyelashes. She didn’t paint on a heavy coat; she preferred the natural look with just a hint of color. Applying her rouge, she highlighted her high cheekbones. She was stunning and she knew it.

She pulled her fish net stockings over her long, soft legs, up to her waist and over that bump in front. This would be the last time she would have to tuck it away from view. Georgy had been living as a woman for nine years now. Today she would take the final step. Surgery was scheduled for eight a.m.

Putting on her favorite yellow pea coat with black faux fur trim at the collar and cuffs, she headed out the door. The streets were still wet from the night rains. The clouds were beginning to break. Walking towards the Golden Heart restaurant she recalled her youth as George. She had hated being called George. It never felt right. Georgy was a perfect name for her. The lyrics of that song that had inspired her went through her mind. “Hey there, Georgy girl, there’s another Georgy deep inside, bring out all the love you hide and, oh, what a change there’d be, the world would see a new Georgy girl.”

After today, the world would surely see a new Georgy girl. She would finally be whole.