New Year, New Garden!


As the new year rolls around once more, so do our resolutions. In our attempt to not go astray, there are some ways to incorporate this year's resolutions into our gardens. Eating healthier seems to be a common one! Need to up your fruit and veggie intake? Why not grow them yourself in your garden! There are many easy to plant fruits and herbs, such as blueberries or rosemary. Want to be outdoors more? Find a blank canvas in your garden and harvest some beautiful flowers! There's nothing better than feeling the soil in your hands. Many of us this year want to find ways to live a less stress-filled life. Aroma therapy is a great way to relieve stress and relax, so go out there and plant some lavendar and put a big bundle next to your bed. Gardening itslelf is also a great way to relieve stress. Another great resolution is spending more time with the family or also just getting some down time with yourself. Both can be accomplished in your beautiful garden that you've put all this work into. Whether you're with the kids looking at the birds and butterflies that come visit the flowers or relaxing in your comfy chair by your garden sipping a nice glass a wine. All of these ideas are meant to tie together your busy life and your garden sanctuary, welcoming in the new year and your resolutions. And if you need a hand to make this come alive give us a call at 619.929.9140 and we'll make your resolutions happen!

Happy new year!