Garden Sanctuary: Designing for Comfort, Wholeness and Connection

Hello San Diego Community,

I am honored to announce my new book launching soon. I wanted to introduce it to my community personally.

The title of my book is Garden Sanctuary: Designing for Comfort, Wholeness and Connection. It is a how-to garden design book that takes the reader on a transformative journey around creating their own personal connection to nature.

From the introduction: "This book presents a comprehensive explanation of the garden design process. It distills the process into a series of concrete steps. Unlike many garden design books that feature pretty pictures and flowery text, Garden Sanctuary presents a comprehensive explanation of the design process, along with hands-on tools that anyone—from the average homeowner, to the practiced garden designer—can use to create exquisite gardens that harmonize with their environment.

These steps will guide you through the process of transforming your yard, your garden, into a personal sanctuary that is in harmony with Nature. Your new garden will be flooded with birds, butterflies, and perhaps even the sound of flowing water.

Your garden will provide you with your own personal connection to Nature. I ask you to trust in Nature and to be forgiving of yourself. Pledge to me that you will never say “I don’t have a green thumb”.

Through this book, together—you and I—will go through the journey of creating a magical garden where you will find your wholeness, your home within your own heart. It will always be there for you whenever you need it to slow down and ground yourself.

It is a fabulous journey and I am anxious to share it with you.

I encourage you to connect with me.