One of the most important parts of any property is the landscaping. Making up a large part of a home’s curb appeal, landscaping also accounts for approximately 20% of a home’s value. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your landscaping is well-maintained year-round to maximize your home’s potential.

Summer is the ideal time to do the bulk of your landscaping work, with the warmer temperatures and longer days meaning you can get more work done outdoors. Use these five tips to help make the most of your landscaping maintenance.


Late July is one of the most recommended times of year to do the pruning in your yard. Bushes, plants, and trees have a tendency to become overgrown, shaggy, and disheveled if left alone for too long. And some flowering shrubs and trees may not bloom each year if they aren’t cut back regularly.

Begin by removing any dead limbs, branches, and sections from existing plants and trees. Then gently cut back those shrubs or plants that have begun to spread too far. Pay close attention to any plants that may be blocking the windows of your home from getting light, and also be sure to cut back any climbing vines that are encroaching on your gutters or siding.

Irrigate and Fertilize

To keep your landscaping looking lush and healthy, it’s important to ensure that the plants are getting proper nourishment. If it’s been a dry summer, take the time to irrigate and water regularly in the evenings when the sun is lower in the sky.

At least once monthly – or more for fast growing plants – add some fertilizer to the base of well-watered plants and rake it evenly into the soil. If you aren’t sure of what type of soil you have, consider having it tested to find what nutrients it lacks so you can best support your plants and keep them healthy.

Update Your Driveway

You may not realize it, but your driveway is a big part of your property’s landscaping. If it’s full of cracks, overgrown with weeds, or just hasn’t been treated well it can lower your curb appeal.

Start by making sure that any potholes and cracks are filled. If you have pavers, make sure there’s sufficient sand between them to prevent weed growth.

Next, turn your attention to the borders of your driveway. Even unattractive paving or gravel drives can be dressed up with proper landscaping. Consider edging your driveway with appropriate plants to direct cars to the house, or invest in lighting if your driveway is long enough to need additional illumination than what the house contributes.

Look for bushes or shrubs that have some bold summer colors to really dress up your driveway during the hottest months of the year. Just make sure that the plants retain their leaves or shape during the winter months as well to get the most benefits from this improvement.

Create a Walkway

A well-landscaped walkway leading to your home or through your garden is an invitation for guests to enjoy your home and property more. Just like with your driveway, consider edging and defining walkways and paths, either with pavers or with plants to give more character to the area.

Summer is a great time to plant some annuals to create a landscape walkway through your yard down to a patio or pool deck. Or, consider making a more permanent walkway through your yard with pavers lined with flowering bushes on either side.

Take the time to think about the areas of the yard you use most frequently, then work on defining the way that you approach them, whether from the driveway to the door, or your patio to a gazebo. The result is a more interactive yard that everyone can enjoy.

Update Your Pool Deck

Pools are a great addition to a yard during the summer months. Many inground pools, however, have very plain concrete decks that were built at the time the pool liner was sunk, particularly if the pool is concrete as well.

Concrete may be durable, but it offers little to your home in terms of style. So, consider replacing your deck with natural stone pavers to add color, texture, and interest to the area. Or, if stone doesn’t appeal, consider stamped concrete pavers. Stamped concrete is just as durable as a slab, but comes in a wider range of colors and styles that you can use to give your landscaping a boost.

Maintain Your Landscaping this Summer

The hot summer months can be punishing to your landscaping, but they’re also the time of year when you’re most likely to get out and enjoy it. Take the time to maintain and update your yard and surrounding area each summer to maintain your curb appeal and property values, while improving your landscape and enjoyment of your home at the same time.