Five Landscape Design Tips to Enhance Your Walkway

The first thing people notice when visiting your home is the landscape and exterior. You want this area of your home to look it’s very best. For most homes, the way to enter the dwelling is via a walkway. There are ways to enhance a standard walkway, adding more value as well as visual interest to the home. By simply reviewing the landscape design tips below, you can find ways to change the look of your walkway with ease.


Add Some Lighting

A simple way to enhance the walkway towards the entrance of your home is with lighting. From solar lighting to electrical options, there are ways you can add light to enhance the walkway during the evening hours. Lighting can create a new look visually as well as have the added benefit of helping you walk into the home at night. Add pathway lighting for a streamlined look or a nice lamppost at the entrance for a unique look. There are many products available today to assist in adding lighting to walkways for a new look in the home.

Accentuate with Floral Color


Adding florals can easily create a new look for your walkway, by providing color. You can create a lining of flowers along the side of your walkway that creates visual interest and appeal. Choose to work with one color or type of flower or mix it up to create a unique look that can only be found at your home. You already have the base created with the walkway, so add in florals along the sides to bring in a bit of color to your landscaping.

Try Modified Wood Furniture

If you have a long walkway leading up to your home, how about adding in modified wood furniture along the way? Perhaps you have space where you can add in furniture so that you can enjoy a spot in your yard. Walkways that have winding paths can easily see furniture added within a curve or larger area of the path. Think about how you can add furniture near your walkway for added visual interest. A simple bench or chair seating can create a point of relaxation in your yard as well as help to bring together the overall design of your landscaping.

Consider Decorative Columns


Another great option is to add decorative colors to your walkway. This can be done at the entrance or close to the home. With so many materials available today, you can create columns by using stone, brick, cement blocks, etc., even using custom-made columns. Create a grand entrance into your home by adding columns to your walkway.

Enhance the Exterior of the Home

When considering landscaping design, you want to be sure to accentuate the exterior of the home. Take for example, if your home has fiber cement siding. This unique siding type is a quality material that has low maintenance and comes in a variety of colors and designs. If your home has such siding, you want to create a walkway that accentuates the exterior design. If you have a neutral colored siding, add in pops of color along the walkway with an installation of flowers. If you have a bold color siding on the home, stick with greenery for the walkway trim or add in lighting. Too much color might be distracting.

Take a look at the exterior of your home and your walkway. What ideas can you come up with to create a new look? How can you change up your pathway to make your home more inviting and visually stunning? By taking a little time to evaluate your property, and considering the ideas above, you can easily find ways to upgrade your pathway to create a new look for your home.