Community Green

Dear valued member of our community,

I have a vision. My vision is that everyone is connected to nature and to each other. My commitment is that by the year 2025, every major city in the USA will have an ordinance requiring green roofs on new construction and programs to incentivize them as well.
Of the fifteen benefits of green roofs, Storm water Management alone can be enough to offset costs to allow incentives for green roofs.
Community Green will serve as a toolbox for cities offering strategies for interfacing green roofing systems with storm water management systems.
I am writing to give you an update on progress.
Community Green recently filed for non-profit status for the organization.
Personally, I am registered in the Being a Leader course with Werner Erhard beginning next week in LA. In this 8 day course, we take on a project, or a portion of a larger project. Here is a link to the course:
My project for the course is to acquire ten partners in my organization. I am looking for sponsorship from manufacturers of green roofing systems, board members for the organization, and individuals who are lit up by my vision.
I remain open to your suggestions, inspiration, or a quick hello. I will keep you updated and may make more specific requests of you in the future.
Keeping it green,
John Beaudry
John Beaudry
Garden Artist, Landscape Contractor, Author
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PS If you or someone you know someone who may want to contribute, please don't hesitate to reach out as we create a greener Earth together.